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Goldie N. Smallwood is the founder of the Noodle Bar NYC restaurant. Our founder’s love for noodles inspired her to start the restaurant and offer meals that suit the different taste buds out there.

She’s worked in the hospitality industry for over four decades, but her love for noodles stands out. With years of experience working as a chef, she had everything she needed to start this restaurant.

She also has the right training, education and experience that enable her to run the restaurant.


The Noodle Bar NYC

is a leading noodles restaurant. Having been in the industry for over a decade, the chefs at the restaurant work hard to meet the unique needs of each customer.

We’re a leading destination restaurant for both locals and visitors who love their pasta prepared just as they like it. Even if you’re looking to try out a new dish, we’ve got you covered.

History of

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Noodles date back to 5000 BC when Asian noodles were prepared in China. Momofuku created Chicken Ramen TM noodles while Japan’s Nissin Foods produced the first instant noodles in 1958.

Our founder’s achievements in culinary culture and as a pasta chef inspired the establishment of the restaurant. Although we began with dishes prepared using dried noodles produced for longer shelf-life, we now cook fresh noodles for our diverse customer base.

Noodle Bar NYC restaurant began with just one employee but we’ve grown over the years. Today we have over 10 chefs catering to the many clients who visit our restaurant.

Moreover, we only offered noodles when the restaurant began. But, today we serve pasta with other foods to offer balanced meals.

Research shows

That consumption of noodles (pasta) isn’t a contributing factor towards developing obesity. In fact, studies link pasta to a lower body mass index. Researchers surveyed over 23,000 Italians’ eating habits and found that noodles had nothing to do with BMI or waist size among the study participants. Noodles are a staple ingredient in recipes or dishes of the Mediterranean diet. The diet has gained its effectiveness, popularity and free eating plans due to the pasta used to prepare it. Noodles are healthy!

At the Noodle Bar NYC, pasta is the cornerstone of the various nutritious, healthy and filling meals we prepare. We include it in many foods such as poultry and lean meats, beans and vegetables rich in fiber, tomato sauce packed with antioxidants, heart-healthy fish, and cheese rich in proteins. Noodles provide sustained energy. 

The carbs in pasta nourishes the brain and body muscles with glucose. What’s more, noodles contain complex carbs, meaning they’re digested slowly. The slow and sustained level of digestion ensures that energy takes longer to be released. This eliminates spikes in energy linked to processed foods that contain simple sugars. The foods we serve with noodles keep our customers full for longer.

Pasta also has low sodium content atop being cholesterol free. We use enriched noodle types to ensure our meals nourish the body with multiple nutrients such as vitamin B and iron. The folic acid in our meals are great for expectant mothers or women in their child-bearing age. A dry serving of noodles can provide up to 25% or 100 micrograms of the folic acid you need to meet your recommended daily intake. 

Pasta provides complex carbohydrates, making it an essential part of a balanced diet. We serve it with vegetables and lean proteins to help you meet your dietary requirements. The fact that noodles are low in sodium and fat-free makes them ideal for weight loss. It contains vitamins and minerals, including 100 calories when cooked. The meal makes you full for longer to ensure that you don’t overeat.

Noodles also don’t increase blood sugar levels because it has a low Glycemic Index (GI). The index measures how a carbohydrate causes blood sugar to rise quickly. Your blood sugar response rises as the GI increases. A low GI also means that the food is digested slowly to keep you full for longer. This controls your appetite and thus facilitates weight loss. Low GI is less than 55, high GI more than 70 and medium GI ranges from 55 to 69. Noodle Bar NYC is a restaurant that focuses on preparing meals served with noodles. We prepare tasty dishes that keep our customers coming back for more.

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The mission of Noodle Bar NYC is to prepare tasty dishes served with pasta. We focus on meeting the diverse customer needs with well-prepared meals on our menu. Vision Our goal is to become a leading noodles or pasta restaurant locally, nationally and worldwide. We’re looking forward to receiving visitors who want to try out various pasta dishes when around.