Alternative Keto Pasta Recipes

The keto diet has become a part of some people’s lives due to various health challenges, preferences, and goals. Not so alone, it has completely changed lives. A keto diet aims to make the body burn fat instead of using sugar for energy. Keto diets will help boost your energy, lose weight, and enhance brain activity. When most people resort to keto diets, they combine these with supplements. Supplements aren’t the only option, though.

Apart from taking supplements, a person on a Keto diet should eat pasta too. Pasta? Yes! On the road to achieving a successful keto diet, the general pasta we buy has to go. How does someone on a keto diet who is craving for pasta satisfy his or her desires? Getting keto pasta alternatives is the answer.

You can make it deliciously without feeling any different from those eating other pasta. You don’t always need to skip noodles time. Delightful homemade pasta is enjoyable despite being on a keto diet.

I’d be taking you through a journey of nutritious pasta can make from scratch all by yourself. It’s rich in protein, healthy fats, dietary fiber, and other nutrients.

Keto Carbonara Pasta

Now, this is one meal that will help keep you in shape. It is so creamy and easy to make.  The noodles used in this recipe are from Konjac root with 100% fiber.

No carbs. Awesome right? All you need to get ready is 30 minutes of your time, 150 grams of bacon, 60 grams of chicken breast, one cup of whipping cream, one egg yolk, two tablespoons of cheese (Parmesan) and one packet of miracle noodles.

Cut the bacon appropriately and cook it until you begin to see changes in color. Pour the bacon into another bowl, cut your chicken, and cook it for 5 minutes. Transfer this into another bowl

It’s time to mix the parmesan cheese and the egg yolk until it turns to paste. Put half of the required cream into the mixture and heat everything on the frying pan. Make sure the mixture is well mixed.

After this, add the rest half of the cream, the bacon, and the chicken and keep stirring.

Fry your miracle noodles in another pan for 10 minutes, and mix it into the sauce. Dinner is ready. However, if you want to make your pasta yourself, you’ll need a cup of flour plus 3tablepoons of coconut flour, two tablespoons of xanthan gum, and a quarter spoon of salt. Put all of these into your food processor, pulsing to mix it properly.

Add a little water, one egg, and two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar till the mixture becomes a ball. Wrap the dough in a cling film. Keep it in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours. Then, roll out your dough and knead till it is slightly thick.

Here is the moment, cut your dough into the tiny shape of spaghetti. Keep this aside and work on your sauce.

Mix both your homemade spaghetti and your sauce—Cook in medium heat. And serve.

There’re keto supplements that give you a new blend of energy boost and increased alertness when you consume them with homemade pasta and sauce. 

Lemon Balsamic Chicken Recipe

Here’s another Keto pasta. It’s an Italian cuisine that improves immunity, lowers cholesterols and high blood pressure, aids digestion, and suppresses appetite, among other benefits.

The ingredients you need are:

  • Three tablespoons of butter
  • One cup of onion (already sliced)
  • Eight chicken thighs (boneless and skinless)
  • One cup of shredded cabbage (purple)
  • Two tablespoons of lemon rind (minced)
  • Two bay leaves
  • Four tablespoons of olive oil
  • Two tablespoons of salt
  • One tablespoon of black pepper (coarse) and
  • Italian herb blend (dried)

Quite a long list it is.

Let’s get down to the process.

Melt your butter in the preheated pressure cooker. Add the onion, lemon, and cabbage to the pressure cooker and stir it till its tender. After doing this, add all the seasonings and the chicken thighs in the mixture.  Use the sauté function in this process.

Add the bay leaves and stir the mixture properly. Cook until the chicken changes to brown. Pour the mix in the vinegar and cook for 20 minutes. Cancel the Saute and set to high or poultry.

Put the chicken sauce in the remaining butter and mix well. Serve your chicken with zoodles and add your olive oil. Your Lemon Balsamic chicken is ready to be enjoyed on your keto diet. Keeping fit and being healthy is non-negotiable for good living. This fact is the reason why you need to pay attention to your keto diet and supplements.

A Keto supplement that’s of good quality increases energy, and highly beneficial is the best choice. Also, your spaghetti can be enjoyed even on a keto diet.

Never deprive yourself of any more of the opportunity to eat a sumptuous dinner of pasta made by you. The Keto Carbonara Pasta recipe and the lemon balsamic chicken is enough to satisfy your cravings.

Choose health. Give the recipes a try. You can patronize local bars like Noodle Bar for ease. You’ll be doing your body a whole lot of good.


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