How to Make Your Noodles Restaurant Comfortable for Your Customers

Noodles with special recipes people may be scarce to obtain. You can only find them at specific noodles restaurants, where chefs take extra care to give customers a taste they’ll not forget in a hurry.

Just as the noodles are a special kind of dish and require extra care for preparing them, customers must enjoy each bite of their meal. For the customer, enjoying their noodles goes beyond the taste of the food. The comfort and serenity they enjoy in the restaurant also count towards why a customer will keep coming back.

If you’re running a noodles restaurant, you must ensure customers feel comfortable while they enjoy their meal. Here are some tips to help you provide the kind of atmosphere they need to enjoy their meal.

1.  Invest in Furniture

The right pieces of furniture for your restaurant goes a long way to ensure your customers feel at home.

Buy appropriate furniture that fits perfectly into the space you have, yet comfortable for customers to sit. If an individual doesn’t feel convenient eating, there’s no way they’ll enjoy the delicacy you’re offering them.

Don’t just go to the market and buy any pieces of furniture. Do adequate research, and ensure you’re investing funds on something that’ll last long. Consider how you’ll be arranging them in your space, and the beauty they’ll add to your restaurant.

Look for simple and elegant furniture design, invest some money in it and ensure you’ll not have to come back to buying furniture anytime soon.

2.  Consider Paintings

Use as many artworks as you can on different corners of your restaurant walls. It doesn’t have to be one per partition, and the size can be as large as you want.

Paintings have the right way of communicating peace, beauty, and relaxation to your customers. Look for pictures on different subjects, or focus on those that describe the importance of eating healthy meals.

The environment provided by these paintings would make your customers relax for long. Whenever they need to eat, your place would always be the first place coming to their mind because of the serenity it offers.

3.  Ensure Your Restaurant is Relaxed and Conducive

Nothing feels better than stepping out of the sun during the hot seasons, and into a calm environment. Your restaurant must provide this serene environment that’ll make your customers not want to leave in a hurry.

Invest funds in an air conditioner to help maintain a relaxed atmosphere inside your restaurant, especially during hot seasons. Your air conditioner must be sufficient for the size of your restaurant. Do adequate research, and buy the best you can afford. Fast cool time is an essential factor you must consider when purchasing.

4.  Think Eco-Friendly

Install flowers and natural plants at strategic points. While it helps promote eco-friendliness, it adds beauty and color to your restaurant. The pieces of artwork you put in there would make a better impact with flowers to match.

The natural plants would also add fresh air to the environment. It’ll help absorb every lousy breath in the air, and compliment the air conditioner. This way, your customers are not disturbed by some bad breathe.

5.  Take Care of Your Staff

Your staff is an integral part of your restaurant, especially all of your chef. If your team is homely and welcoming to your customers, they’ll feel at home and relaxed. Ensure the working environment and conditions are conducive for your staff, and they’ll output their best.

The kitchen quickly gets heated up during cooking. Cooking anything in the hot kitchen would be uncomfortable for anyone, especially your chef, who prepares special delicacies. Leaving them to work under poor conditions will affect their output.

Fit your kitchen with adequate heat absorbers and cooling systems, to ensure it’s conducive for your chef to work. Opt for very portable and effective air cooling systems. Search online, ask questions, and ascertain that what you’re buying is what your kitchen requires.

6.  Conclusion

Make your noodles restaurant a special place for your customers, just like the special delicacy you serve. When customers find comfort in your restaurant, they’ll easily make it their second home.

Invest in the little details that’ll make all the changes you require. Make your restaurant that fast get away from daily stress for your customers.

Simple Cooking Safety Tips for Seniors

Cooking is an enjoyable activity for seniors. However, it comes with the risk of fires, burns, scalds, and cuts. Luckily, there is a way to make cooking a safe and pleasant activity for seniors. In the U.S., cooking (as pleasant as it is) stands as the third leading cause of fire deaths among seniors.

Most seniors have balance and mobility issues while others suffer vision impairment. Due to that, they are not able to act fast when an accident occurs. In some cases, seniors also suffer dementia that makes it a challenge for them to avoid accidents and injuries in the kitchen.

However, older adults do not have to give up cooking. This is especially so given the advent of smart kitchen features such as smart cookers that have enhanced kitchen and cooking safety. Below are simple cooking safety measures that seniors can observe to stay safe in the kitchen.

Enhance Gas Stove Safety

It is easy to cook with a gas stove seeing that you can control the heat. However, these stoves pose a risk to seniors. Luckily, most accidents are preventable at home.

Start by having a carbon monoxide detector in the kitchen. Carbon monoxide is produced when natural gas burns in the absence of oxygen. The gas is colorless and odorless and hence not detectable by human senses. To ensure seniors are safe, the gas cooker needs to be inspected by a professional and it should not be used to heat a room as that increases the risk of producing carbon monoxide. 

Second, ensure the kitchen is fire safe. Flames spread fast in the kitchen especially if a senior leaves frying pans unattended in the kitchen. You can start by buying a fire extinguisher and placing it at a location where it is easily accessible. Show the senior how to use the extinguisher. You can also install other fire safety features as you afford – there are different designs and manufactures to choose from.

Ensure that seniors do not wear loose clothes while cooking as they can easily catch fire. Advise the seniors that if their clothes catch fire, they should cover their faces with their hands, drop on the floor and roll back and forth to put off the fire. If you feel your senior parent is at risk of fire, you can buy them flame retardant clothing.

Lastly, ensure nothing flammable is near the stove and print the number of the fire department in large text on the door or entrance to the kitchen.

Keep Burns at Bay

Burns in the kitchen occur when seniors come into contact with open flames or hot surfaces while cooking. Always remind elders to wear protective mitts when handling pots and pans on the cooker or when reaching for anything in the oven. Handles of pans and pots should be turned inward to ensure that seniors do not bump in them.

Again, you should buy light and small pots so seniors can carry them with ease. Seniors should be advised not to carry pans or pots with hot liquids. If a burn occurs, the burned part should be held for 15-20 minutes under running water to reduce the consequences of a burn.

Install Automatic Stove Shut-Off Device and a Stove Lock for Dementia Patients

The first measure in making your senior parent’s kitchen safe is to install an automatic stove shut-off device. This device shuts off the stove after a period of inactivity. Most of these devices are fitted with motion sensors to detect when someone is in the kitchen. If the device cannot detect movement for a programmed period, it shuts off the gas stove. Some models are Wi-Fi enabled and can send alerts to your mobile phone. Better yet, you will also come across models with a gas detection feature that switches of the gas until a secret button is pressed.

Automatic stove locks are also ideal for seniors with dementia. These locks switch off the gas at night so seniors will not start cooking if they wake up at the wee hours of the night. Some of these lock features are Wi-Fi enabled and can be controlled from a mobile device.

Conclusion: Buy Food Gloves and Sharpen Knives

Your senior parent needs cut-resistant gloves in the kitchen to protect them from knives, peelers, and graters. These gloves are affordable and durable. If your senior parent has shaky hands, these gloves are a must-have. Again, ensure that your senior parent knives are always sharp seeing as sharp knives require less force. Ensure these knives are stores properly in a knife rack or a knife guard set.