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Noodle Bar NYC, pasta is the cornerstone of the various nutritious, healthy, and filling meals we prepare.

Noodle Bar NYC uses real food and authentic cooking techniques to prepare meals with great flavors. Creativity, individuality, and our rich cultural heritage inspire the tasty dishes and cuisines from the rest of the world that we cook.

About Our Founder

The Story

Goldie N. Smallwood is the founder of the Noodle Bar NYC restaurant. Our founder’s love for noodles inspired her to start the restaurant and offer meals that suit the different taste buds out there.

Noodle Bar NYC restaurant provide some of the best

Best Quality Foods

Mission and Vision

Our goal

The mission of Noodle Bar NYC is to prepare tasty dishes served with pasta. We focus on meeting the diverse customer needs with well-prepared meals on our menu.

Our goal is to become a leading noodles or pasta restaurant locally, nationally and worldwide. We’re looking forward to receiving visitors who want to try out various pasta dishes when around.

Noodle Dishes

Best Paired With Coffee

Huge fans of coffee can basically pair any dish with the caffeinated drink and when paired with food coffee tastes even better than when drank alone. What does coffee do to you and why do people put butter in coffee? Coffee has a lot of health benefits in the body, coffee burns fat and helps you lose weight, coffee boosts your endurance as an athlete or as a person with their day to day activities in general. Coffee brings up your adrenaline level so you are a much happier and hyped person which makes you very fun to be around. Today we are going to be looking at noodles and the best types that go best with coffee so all my caffeine loving people, this article is for you.

History of

Restaurant Services

Noodles date back to 5000 BC when Asian noodles were prepared in China. Momofuku created Chicken Ramen TM noodles while Japan’s Nissin Foods produced the first instant noodles in 1958