5 Things I Find Myself Craving Most From the Best Noodle Bar

The Noodle Bar NYC is a great place to find authentic Asian dishes that have been cooked to perfection. This noodle bar has five of the dishes that will make your mouth water as they get closer and closer to your table. They are cold udon noodles, deep-fried wontons, thick handmade noodles with spicy beef, stir-fried noodles with pork and sliced cucumbers, and pan-fried dumplings with black vinegar sauce.

The 5 Things I Find Myself Craving Most From the Best Noodle Bar

These are refreshing on a hot summer day or night when you don't want anything too heavy but still crave something satisfying. The texture of these cold noodles is very different from any other noodles you've had before. They are made with wheat flour that has been cooked but not dried, so it remains a bit sticky and soft. You dip the cold noodles into a soy, ginger, and wasabi sauce and add as much heat (chili flakes) as you like. My favorite part of this dish is the addition of cucumber and enoki mushrooms which provide extra crunchiness to each bite—looking for more gluten-free eateries?
As soon as I spotted the menu, I knew I needed to give them a try! The wontons are served with your choice of three dipping sauces: chili paste, sweet BBQ sauce, or soy sauce, and they are deep-fried to perfection. The wontons are filled with a mixture of ground meat, vegetables and then wrapped in dough that is egg washed before frying. You can't go wrong by ordering these crunchy little parcels, which also happen to look cute!
There's just something about noodles that people find irresistible, so the fact that this dish makes my top 5 should come as no surprise. The handmade noodles have an almost sponge-like texture and are similar to vermicelli but thicker. I think they make for an incredibly satisfying dinner because they fill you up quickly yet don't leave you feeling too weighed down. They are served with a very flavorful sauce, which adds just the right spice to keep you wanting more!
I love noodles, and it doesn't matter whether they are dry, cold, hot, or stir-fried (probably my favorite way to eat noodles). These particular ones were all that and more. To combine egg noodles, lettuce, cucumber slices, bean sprouts, pork belly strips, and cilantro mixed in a light vinegar dressing. The only bad thing about this dish is that it leaves your mouth watering for more, so make sure you order an extra bowl before taking the first bite!

I am a colossal dumpling fan, and these homemade steamed pork and cabbage dumplings offer you an opportunity to enjoy them in a way that is utterly different from any other time. You dip them in the black vinegar sauce, which is both savory and slightly sweet at the same time. The pan-fried dumplings are topped with sesame seeds but do not contain any oil, so they are relatively light compared to traditional fried dumplings.

Aside from delicious food, Noodle Bar NYC has amenities so that you can enjoy your meal to the fullest, sofas, a plasma TV with so many sports channels, and a large variety of liquors. The restaurant is well designed to be in a party mood or enjoy a romantic meal with your partner. Moreover, there are so many noodle bars in New York, but this one just cannot be missed when in the mood for Asian food.

The service here is excellent, so take a break from cooking dinner and come in for some of these fantastic Asian dishes! Then retire home to a small game to conclude the evening. You can choose any game ranging from shuffleboard, ping pong, or foosball. We recommend that you get a multi-game table. That way, you’ll have so many choices to pick from on one single board. However, if you have little kids, consider placing a trampoline in the backyard for them to have fun when you’re busy with a game they can’t play. There are numerous trampoline types in Leisure Head. These will transform your backyard into a place your kids will love.

My Conclusion:

A lot of these dishes are gluten-free, so if you’re looking for a satisfying meal without having to worry about any food restrictions, then this is the place for you. I’m not sure what it is, but noodles have an almost addictive quality that makes them perfect as a post-workout snack or just when in need of some comfort. This restaurant has something for everyone, from delicious drinks and appetizers to desserts. The entire time we were there, we felt like VIPs because the staff was attentive and accommodating with our every request. If you haven’t been here yet, then put it on your list!