Tips for Frequent Noodle Restaurant Diners

In today’s society, many people eat noodles on a day-to-day basis. Noodle dishes range from Asian cuisines, such as ramen and pho, to Italian pasta dishes like spaghetti with meatballs. Thus, they’re often a favorite in many cultures.


It’s easy to find noodle soups, noodles with vegetables, or fried noodles on the menu of most restaurants. Nowadays, there’s such a thing as noodle bars or noodle restaurants that specialize in noodle dishes. Check out these tips for frequent noodle restaurant customers to make the most of your meals in any noodle restaurant out there:

●    Look for Available Promos to Save Money

To save money, always look out for promotions. For example, many restaurants offer a buy one dish and get another one free promo. Sometimes, the promos might include free soup or appetizers.

To find these deals, consider browsing through the restaurant’s website or social media accounts. However, ensure you don’t browse the restaurant’s website with public WiFi, thereby exposing your personal details to hackers. Most times, you may not even know that your personal information has been stolen until they commit fraud with your details.

Suppose the restaurant is currently running an offline promo; check their register, seeing as most restaurants post them there so that customers can see available promotions before paying.

Consider asking for discounts and coupons during your visits. Many restaurants offer birthday promos to enable their customers to get something for free or at discounted prices when they dine during their birthday or birth month.

●    Read the Restaurant’s Online Reviews

Yelp is a great tool for finding reviews about restaurants worldwide, so why not use this same strategy when looking for potential spots? Just type in “best noodle restaurant” or use your favorite noodle dish as a keyword and read reviews of other people’s experiences.

You can also research the restaurant you’re considering to see any history of food poisoning lawsuits or violations from health officials to ensure safety. Check also what noodle dish in a particular restaurant most people talk about and their reviews about the noodle dishes.

●    Pick Your Noodles

You have three options for noodles – thin and round yellow wheat noodles called “chow mein” or “mei fun,” thick white wheat noodles called “lo mein,” or fresh rice noodles called “rice stick.” For yellow noodles, you can have them dry or served in a soup broth.

Chow mein is typically made with pork and vegetables, whereas the mei fun has more of an Asian flavor profile – it comes in different shapes like ribbons that are either stir-fried, deep-fried, or steamed (I don’t recommend this option because they’re often not fresh).

Thick white wheat noodles are served on top of other dishes like chicken noodle soup. You might find rice sticks at some Vietnamese restaurants if you want something lighter than lo mein but be sure to check before ordering! Remember to get the right type of noodles for your diet – there are options for gluten-free, low-carb, and vegan dishes.

●     Pick Your Broth Type

There are four types of broths – vegetarian with tofu, vegetarian without chicken stock, meat-based with soy sauce, and meat-based with chicken stock.

If you want ramen, you can choose from pork, chicken, or beef. There are four classifications of ramen broths: shio (salt), shoyu (soy sauce), miso (fermented bean paste), and tonkatsu (pork) ramen.

●    Ask for Condiments

Ordering items like soy sauce, hot sauces, and chilis will help spice up the flavor of your dish. Ask for sauces, such as soy sauce, chili oil, peppers, green onions, and peanut sauce, on the side so that they don’t get mixed up with your dish.

Never use more than two sauces and too much of each at once – too much flavor can be overwhelming! Know the taste of the noodle dishes and appetizers you’ll order before deciding on the condiments to put. Choose the sauces that taste differently or will complement the taste of your food.

●    Order the Right Side Dish

Always remember what side dishes come with each food – this way, you’ll know whether you need extra money set aside for a side dish. Side dishes can make or break the noodle dish you’ll order.

Order rice on the side to get soggy from the sauce or broth in your noodles. Some side dishes for ramen noodles are eggs, dumplings (dim sum, gyoza), meatballs/satay, tofu, salad, and veggies.

Don’t forget to pay with cash rather than use the restaurant’s POS machine. That way, you wouldn’t let your credit card out of your sight. Suppose you’re used to paying with your credit card and think that process is easy; you wouldn’t want your personal details to fall into the wrong hands. So, it’s always best to go with cash.

●    Share With Friends

Many noodle restaurants have family-style portions that can feed two to four people, helping you save money. There are also group promos in some noodle restaurants, with different noodle dishes, appetizers, and drinks, which you might prefer when dining with a small group. Share your plate with someone else to make the meal more enjoyable.

●    Try Something New Every Time

Don’t order the same thing over and over again. Get a little adventurous and try something new every time. If you’ve been going to one noodle restaurant but want something different, try another Asian cuisine like Thai or Vietnamese food! Check out their menu ahead of time so you know what to order.

Be adventurous when ordering your dish – if you don’t know the name, point at something on the menu that looks good to you!

There are many ways to make the most of your noodle restaurant dining experience, and we hope that this list has given you a few ideas.


Whether it’s saving money on promos, reading reviews for diners near you, or picking out what noodles and broth are right for you, these tips will help ensure an enjoyable meal every time. What do you think? Which one of these makes you want to try dining in a noodle restaurant?


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